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James Madrox Multiple Man to Be Played By james Franco www.departmentexpress.com

Movie Key Issues To Spec On #1: James Franco To Play Multiple Man In X-Men Spinoff 

Hello Comic Fans, welcome to the first of many articles entitled "Movie Key Issues To Spec On", where we give you key issues to look out for, based on the movie news of the day! Now let's begin as we have some big news to talk about today!

What did one James Franco say to the other James Franco? Well hopefully we will find out soon! As reported by slashfilm.com James Franco has been in talks with 20th Century Fox to star as Jamie Madrox, better known as Multiple Man. Multiple Man is a Marvel Super Hero whose powers allow him to make duplicates of himself, and can gain the skills of his duplicates by reabsorbing them.

We at Department Express Comic Book Speculation & News feel this is a fantastic character for the humour and charm Franco brings to the table. Multiple Man was created by Len Wein and first appeared in Giant Size Fantastic Four #4 1975. Now this isn't the first time Multiple Man has been on the big screen, as he was played by Eric Dane in X-Men: The Last Stand. Now in our opinion that portrayal was a bit lackluster, and we are sure James will nail the role as he does with most of his roles. 

Now, you are probably thinking "Which issues should I invest in?" and although we can't give you a surefire answer, we can definitely help by giving you a list of important Multiple Man appearances throughout comics. So let's start!

1. Giant Size Fantastic Four #4 - 1st Appearance Multiple Man 

 2. Maddox #1  - First Appearance XXX Investigations | Multiple Man                               gains powers. 

 3. Death of X #1 - Death of Multiple Man (Actual Death) 


Well it is a short list this time, but hopefully it has helped, and remember all information is solely for fun and not investment purposes. Happy Hunting!

*Disclaimer: All Images are owned and copyrighted by their respective companies. Department Express does not own or possess any right towards any of the images or characters posted.


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