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www.departmentexpress.com Superhero Pick #2 Ghost Rider

Hello Comic Fans and welcome to the second of our weekly article Superheroes To Invest In. We at Department Express Comic Book Speculation & News always try to bring you the best and safest investments as possible, but as always please remember that the information we provide is simply our opinion and is not a guarantee. Please use your own judgement when spending your hard earned money. Now that that's done let's begin!

Today we will be highlighting a heavy hitter from Marvels lineup of supernatural characters, and that hero is none other than Johnny Blaze himself, Ghost Rider! Now we want to point out that the Ghost Rider we will be talking about is the one that First Appeared in Marvel Spotlight #5 from 1972, Johnny Blaze. There was a Ghost Rider who appeared before Blaze, and his name was Carter Slade and he First Appeared in Ghost Rider #1 1967. Slade literally looked like a ghost as he wore a phosphorescent suit that made him look white...oh and he rode a horse. Unfortunately we do not have much hope in this character, but we do have a lot of hope for the bad boy Johnny Blaze!

www.departmentexpress.com superhero pick #2 Ghost Rider(Marvel Spotlight #5 1972 First Appearance Johnny Blaze)

Ghost Rider is a character that has a long and storied history. Now I know what you are saying, "We know about Ghost Rider, tell us about someone we don't know!" and to that I usually respond "Well do you own a copy? Because if not I think it's gonna get really expensive, real soon." The only reason this book is not higher in value is because Nicholas Cage bombed, BUT, if the writers at Marvel can put together a great script for a movie then this character will explode. If it was up to us we would say just follow the source material exactly from "The Curse Of Jonathan Blaze!" Ghost Rider Volume 1 #68, one of the greatest Ghost Rider stories ever told. 

(Ghost Rider #68 Vol. 1)

Ghost Rider's origin is a dark and supernatural one. It begins with a stunt motorcyclist named Johnny Blaze, who makes a deal with the devil to save his dad's life. This deal involved Blaze giving up his soul and becoming the Ghost Rider, who becomes consumed by hellfire at night when around evil.

The potential for Ghost Rider is endless. There are so many great arcs, team ups and storylines that involve Ghost Rider, going back almost 45 years! That is a ton of material if we think about movie or tv potential. The fact is if Ghost Rider had a successful movie franchise, this books would probably be double where it is at now. 

Well that is all from us today, we hope you found this useful and as always this information is just our opinion and should be used only for entertainment purposes.

Thanks and happy hunting!



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