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Hello Comic Fans and welcome to another chapter of our weekly article The Rarest Comic Books! Today we will be spotlighting Star Wars #1 35 Cent Variant.

Star Wars is of course a way of life for many, which is why this book is in constant demand and nowhere to be found. Star Wars #1 features the first appearance of Luke Skywalker and a slew of other main characters and is one of the key issues among the rare Marvel bronze age 35 cent variants (Make sure you get a copy with a square price box and UPC with bar code, those are the rare ones).  

Now it has been estimated by Overstreet that 1500 of these were printed, but the thing is, that was just a rough estimate and was never actually verified. According to CGC Census data there are only 209 copies listed as of November 22, 2017, which is quite low for a book that if most had would want graded. 

Now for the best part! As of September 10, 2017 a CGC 9.2 sold in fair market auction. The ending price you say? Only $15,100 US Dollars!!! 

Well that is all for now, thanks for reading and as always happy hunting!


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