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What You Need To Know About Fidget Spinners

While fidget spinners were invented years ago now, it is only recently that they have popped up in stores. We want to share a couple of things that you should probably know about fidget spinners!

  1. A fidget spinner is often regarded as a stress-relief toy. In the center, you will find a ball bearing. Around the bearing will be three blades. You spin the ball bearing in the center and the blades will spin around at the same time.

  2. When the fidget spinner was initially developed, the idea was that it would help people who were having trouble focusing. The intention was to allow people to keep their hands busy while they focused on their work. We suppose that they are still like used this nowadays, but most people purchase them as toys.

  3. The original inventor of the fidget spinner was Catherine Hettinger. However, she does not make any money on the sale of the fidget spinner. When she invented it, back in the early 1990s, no toy company was interested in her idea. They didn’t see it selling. As a result, she gave up on the idea and the patent on the fidget spinner expired. There are likely still some patents which cover the technology which is used in fidget spinners, but we are not 100% sure who is making money on them nowadays. We really do not know who the inventor of the modern fidget spinner is. They just popped up out of nowhere.

  4. Most people use fidget spinners as toys. However, much like the yo-yo, people have been practicing hard with them. If you head to video sites such as YouTube, you will see thousands upon thousands of people playing with their fidget spinners.

  5. There is currently no research which shows that they are great for helping with ADHD or autism. Most people say it helps them, but until there is formal research in place, this is a bit ‘up in arms’.

  6. Many schools have banned fidget spinners as they say that they are a distraction for children.


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