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At Department Express we want you to be as knowledgeable as you can be when purchasing a new laptop computer, and have put together a helpful guide to do just that. It would be almost impossible to cover everything that you need to know about laptop computers. What we will do, however, is try to cover as much information as possible. This should make it a touch easier for you to find the perfect laptop to use.

Size of the laptop screen

Probably not going to be that important for most people. If you are gaming or watching a lot of videos, then you will need a larger laptop screen. If you are looking for something that is portable, then opt for a smaller screen.

Hard Drive

Nowadays, you will see many laptops on the market will have an SSD hard drive. This means that the drive is going to be a little bit ‘faster’. Your computer will load up quicker. Applications will run quicker etc.

However, you must remember that an SSD is going to be a little bit more expensive than your standard hard drive. This means that the capacity used is going to be smaller. For most people, this is not going to be a problem. If you are editing documents or browsing the internet, you do not necessarily need to have a big hard drive. You just need to have one. If you are going to be playing games or downloading a ton of high quality video, then you will need the largest hard drive possible. You can sacrifice speed for this.

Graphics Card

Graphics cards in laptops are never going to be of the same quality of graphics cards that you can find in a desktop computer. Well, not unless you are spending a lot of money on the laptop. So, if you want to play some top games with the best graphics possible, a laptop may not be for you unless your budget is well over a thousand dollars.

Of course, having a decent graphics card is still going to be incredibly handy. We recommend that you carry out your research to see how that particular laptop graphics card will perform.


The more RAM, the better. With more RAM, you can have more applications running at once. You can also have a computer which runs a bit faster.

Disk Drive

Do you need a disk drive? Well, probably not. Most things can be downloaded nowadays. However, it is always handy to have one in place. We are going to assume that you will be travelling about with your laptop, so it is great to be able to pop a disk in and watch a movie or something. Of course, with a disk drive, you will also be able to save all your files and the like to a disk as a way of ‘backing it up’.


Finally; always think about the manufacturer of the laptop computer. The manufacturer is not just a pretty name on the case of your laptop. Their job will be to ensure that your laptop stays working. They will be your port of call should you ever run into a problem. about laptop computers


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