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Fringe Boots Vs. Slouch boots

Honestly, Fringe Boots and Slouch Boots are not very different from one another. On this page, I want to talk about the differences between the two, as well as give you a few ideas as to when the best time to wear each of them is.

The Differences Between Fringe Boots and Slouch Boots

Fringe boots and slouch boots are both very casual boots. The shaft of the boot is very soft which means that they are much more comfortable to wear than other ‘calf-length’ boots.

The major difference between the two is that fringe boots have ‘tassels’ hanging off the side of them. Quite a few, in fact. This can make it far more difficult to fit fringe boots into your outfit. Fringe boots tend to be best when you are looking for an outfit which stands out from the crowd. Slouch boots are more for women who want something for ‘every day’ use.

When to Wear Fringe Boots

Fringe boots are likely not something you will wear that often. Sure, they look great, but you will have a bit of difficulty matching it up with the rest of your outfit. You certainly would not be able to wear them to work (unless you have a very easy-going manager!)

For me, fringe boots are more of a ‘going out’ boot. I find that they work brilliantly when they are paired with some nice and bright colors. Most fringe boots are tan in color, so they contrast nicely with the brightness of the rest of your outfit. I would not necessarily recommend brightly colored fringe boots for most women. I feel that the outfit would be a touch too bold. Sure, you can get them, but I can’t imagine that you would be wearing them that often.

When to Wear a Slouch Boot

Honestly; there are very few situations where you can’t wear a slouch boot. You will need to ensure that you purchase a pair that looks decent, but you should be able to make your slouch boot work for every outfit.

When you are purchasing a slouch boot, do not get anything too extreme in terms of color. It will not work all that well. Instead, I suggest you get either tan or black. Sure, you can have a different color in your wardrobe but it is not something I can imagine you will be wearing every day.

When I wear a slouch boot, I love to wear them with a nice pair of jeggings or treggings. They have the right amount of ‘casualness’ about them. I must admit, I have seen some women wear slouch boots paired with a skirt or some shorts. This is not something for me. You will need to check whether it looks good on you. The problem with going down this route is that slouch boots go up to your calves (you can get something a bit smaller, but not that much). This can create a rather weird look. The same goes for fringe boots; wear them with long pants.


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