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Bomber Jackets to Pants, What is Right For Him?

Trying to pick the perfect clothes for your guy? At www.departmentexpress.com we know just how picky "He" can be so we have put together a couple of tips and tricks that you can use!

Firstly; and this is probably the most important tip that we can share with you on this page. It is so important that you buy something that you know they are going to like. Have a look through their wardrobe. Do you see a lot of shorts, tank tops, chinos, hoodies? You should get a feel for what their overall style is. You should not be picking the clothes based upon what YOU want your man to look like. You should be picking the clothes based upon what he wants to look like. If you are not happy with his overall style, then talk to him about it. Don’t just buy clothes in a bid to force a new style on him. That is something which is never going to work. It is just going to irritate him!

You should also try to pay attention to the clothes that he wears normally. Does he wear hoodies? Does he wear shorts? What about chinos? It is likely that there are plenty of clothes in his wardrobe which have barely ever been worn. This means they may not give you a 100% true reflection of his overall style, so try to go based on memory which of the clothes in his wardrobe you've seen him wearing the most.

When you are purchasing clothes, we also recommend that you purchase something which is of a reasonably high quality. We are going to assume that you are purchasing clothes for him as a gift. So, you really do not want to choose cheap clothes. Sure, he will love the gift, but he may not be 100% happy. At Department Express we only use the highest quality fabrics. When you start getting clothes which have a few different fabrics blended together, quality can suffer, so try and stay away from those.

At the same time, we also recommend that you think about the type of things he does. Are you buying clothes that he can wear to work? Are you buying clothes for him to wear to a wedding? Are these clothes all about looking casual for a trip to the bar? If you think about the occasion the clothes are going to be worn, then it will make your job a bit easier. Just as a note here; if he is not regularly going to formal events and the like, we really do not see any sense in you buying formal clothes for him unless he has explicitly asked for that. Again we are not trying to completely change his sense of dress, a guy who wears jeans everyday may not want to make the switch to dress pants!

Finally; try to pick clothes which are going to fit his body type. This may seem obvious, but you will be surprised at how many women out there will forget this! If you buy clothes that are just too small for your man, then he is probably not going to be happy. He is still going to wear them to keep you happy, but you are probably not going to be thrilled with the way he looks when he is wearing them!


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