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Choose The Perfect Hooded Sweatshirt Every Time!

Girls, looking to buy a hoodie for your guy? Guys looking for that perfect hoodie to impress? I have a few tips and tricks on this page which should make your purchase a little bit easier!

Zip Up vs Pullover Men’s Hoodies

You have two main options when it comes to men’s hoodies. Each has its own pros and cons:

  • Zip-Up Hoodies: these have a zip on them. This zip will run from the neckline down to the lower hem. The major benefit of zip-up hoodies is that you can wear them half-zipped. This can create a nice layered look. Basically, most people seem to regard zip-up hoodies as a touch more fashionable.
  • Pullover hoodies: You just slide these over the head. The major benefit is that they are warm. However, you can’t see anything under them. If you are doing sports and you need to be warm, pullover hoodies are the best bet as you have more freedom of movement.


Hoodies can come in a variety of different materials. Honestly, this is where most of your decision making is when it comes to men’s hoodies. Generally speaking, bar a few minor differences (namely color or any graphics used), there is not that much difference between hoodies. It does not matter which manufacturer you purchase them from, it is going to look the same. So, make your choice based upon materials:

  • Cotton: most men’s hoodies are made from cotton. The major benefit of cotton is that it is a highly breathable fabric. If you are going to be working out in this hoodie, then opt for cotton. It will stop him from overheating. In addition to this, cotton is an amazing insulator so it works very well during the colder months.
  • Wool: wool is very elastic and very warm. This means that it is great during the winter months. The problem with wool is that it has a very rough texture. This means that it is not going to be great to wear if it is worn directly on the skin. You will need to combine it with a good cotton shirt to get most of the benefit.
  • Polyester: this stains incredibly easily. However, it is very elastic and stays looking great for a long time (if you treat it well). In many cases, polyester hoodies are some of the cheapest you can buy. However, do bear in mind that these hoodies are a bit thinner so they may not necessarily be good for those winter months.
  • Nylon: Hoodies which are made from nylon are water resistant and provide protection from wind and rain. Nylon hoodies are great if you are out for long periods of time.
  • Fleece: if you want an incredibly warm hoodie, look no further than fleece. It is a fantastic insulator, although not great to wear during the spring and summer months.


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