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Graphic tees are an awesome way to showcase your personality and spice up your overall look just a little bit. As with most items of clothing, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ piece for everybody. You need to put the effort into finding something that suits your personality. Here are a couple of tips and tricks you can use.

Hilarious graphic tees are out

I do not care who you are here. There is not a single graphic tee with a ‘witty’ slogan on it that is going to look fantastic every time you wear it. It may get a giggle the first time, but the second time you wear it, the joke will be tired. The third time you wear it, you are a washed-up comedian. Never buy a graphic tee because it looks witty. It really will not pan out for you here. You are going to be wearing them once or twice and you will never pull them out again. It will be a waste of money. None of this applies of course to baby clothing, babies are always cute!

What do you normally wear?

Think about the colors that normally suit you. If you normally walk about adorned in some weird and wacky colors, then colorful graphic tees are going to be a treat. They are going to be every bit as unique as you are. However, if you are the person who tends to favor whites, blacks, and simpler colors, then you probably are not going to want something bright and colorful. You want something simple too. Thankfully, there are plenty of graphic tees to suit. In this case, instead of opting for one with a gorgeous logo emblazoned on the front, I reckon you could do well wearing a piece which has one or two colors on it. Colors which are similar to each other e.g. a white tee with a grey graphic printed on it. Nothing too ‘over the top’.

When are you wearing the tee?

Most people who wear graphic tees will be wearing them casually. It is rare that you will need to wear them to work or to formal events. However, you will still want to think long and hard about the type of tee you are buying. If you are hanging out with your friends, then you can opt for something which is a bit brighter and ‘out there’. If you are heading to a bar, then wear something that is a touch more classy.

Choose Graphics Based Upon Your Interests

Finally; choose graphics based upon your interests. Showcase your personality. For example; if you are a massive fan of sci-fi movies, then we are positive that you can find a graphic tee which includes images from your favorite series. If you love to drink (who doesn’t?) then perhaps choose a graphic tee with a picture of some alcohol on it (tasteful, none of those witty slogans, remember?). You may need to browse through the wealth of options available to find a graphic tee which is perfect for you. Good luck!


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