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What's In Your Makeup?

Obviously, all makeups are made differently. There are some ingredients that you will find in makeup that you will not find anywhere else. This guide is to inform you on some of the more popular ingredients that you may find. 


This ingredient is essentially silicone. The job is to provide a bit of lubrication for the skin. You will likely find that it is used in just about every store-bought makeup that you have ever purchased, as well as a few moisturizers. We know that putting silicone on your skin does not necessarily sound like the healthiest thing in the world, but you will be fine. It does not penetrate beneath the surface of the skin.


These are going to be found in just about everything that you can purchase. Parabens do not really do anything for you. Their goal is to ensure that the makeup does not expire. Without the parabens, it is likely that mold and fungus would start to grow inside the makeup. This is why natural makeups tend to not last as long!

Titanium Dioxide

The job of titanium dioxide will differ from product to product. In some, it is there to change up the color of the makeup. In others, it acts as a preservative. Many companies include titanium dioxide in their makeup because it makes it look better. It ensures that the light does not adversely impact the look of the makeup.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

Probably not as common in most makeups. However, if you have ever used a makeup that has a foaming action to it e.g. a pre-makeup cleanser, then it is likely that there will be sodium lauryl sulphate in it.


Most makeups do not include this nowadays. It causes severe skin irritation. When it was used (and you may still be able to find it in some of the cheaper products), it was used as a way in which the makeup could be preserved. If you do still find it in makeup, then it is likely going to be in nail polishes. The only time that it becomes more than a preservative and becomes an active ingredient is in nail hardeners. Beyond that, it really is useless as there are better and safer preservatives on the market.


Benzones helps to block UV rays. Basically, they provide a little bit of extra protection for your skin. In the makeup world, you are most likely going to be able to find Benzones in foundations. You really do not see it used much beyond that.


Finally; you may find alcohols used in some of the products that you use. In most cases, it is going to act as a lubricant. However, in other cases, depending on the alcohols used, it can also be used to spread the product a little bit easier over your skin. Most alcohols that you find in makeup will have been sourced from either palm or coconut oil.



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