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Vinyl record player

Is Vinyl Really the Come Back Kid?

If you want to listen to your music on a budget, then it is digital MP3s all the way. There are plenty of streaming services which allow you to listen to those for free now. However, if you want to listen to the highest quality sound, then it must be vinyl.

Before we dive into why people prefer vinyl, it is probably worth pointing out that listening to sound is an entirely subjective experience. Most people will never be able to tell the difference between vinyl and MP3s. The only way in which you can tell the difference is if you have some decent audio equipment at your disposal. If you do, then the difference between the two will be night and day.

MP3's are digital

When you listen to an MP3, you are listening to digitized sound. When a sound is digitized, it loses a lot of its quality. If you ever have the opportunity, find an MP3 and play it alongside the vinyl version of the same song. We are positive that you can see the impact that the digitization process has on the song.

You must remember that when an artist records a song, they will be recording it in ‘analog’. There may be some equipment which is digitized e.g. a keyboard or a synthesizer, but for the most part it is a 100% analog recording. The sound is full of life. When it gets digitized, some people claim that the recording loses some of its pizzazz. It sounds a lot duller.

It is also worth pointing out that the fact that vinyl is 100% analog means that nothing gets lost. There is more ‘musical information’ contained in the vinyl. You can hear the tiniest of variations in sound. You may hear things that you would never be able to hear on an MP3 recording. It makes the listening experience so much better.

You Can Make Vinyl Louder

Turn up the sound when listening to an MP3 and we are positive that it will not sound as great. When you turn it up, some of the dynamics are squeezed out. The music will have less depth as a result.

Vinyl does not suffer from the same problem. We are not going to go into how vinyl recordings are manufactured on this page. All you really need to know is that they are manufactured in such a way that they can be cranked up to massive volumes without really losing any of their quality. Some people say that these recordings have more room to breathe.

Of course, there are some issues with vinyl too. For example; many modern records are made from digital copies. This means that you really do not get the quality analog sound. Sadly, this is something which is unlikely to change too. Most records are put through software such as Pro Tools. We doubt that many bands, at least mainstream bands, will be recording 100% analog any time soon. For older albums, though, you really can’t get better than vinyl.

Now if you are looking to give Vinyl a chance, you can find high quality vinyl record players at the lowest prices in our electronics section, and if you already have a record player, grab an lp and give that sweet music a listen!


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