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How To Find The Best Anti Aging Face Cream

Honestly. The ingredients that you find in an anti-aging face cream are going to be much the same as you find in an anti-aging serum. There will be a few key differences, though!


Most anti-aging face creams will have parabens in them. We are going to be honest with you here. Parabens are not going to have an impact on your skin. Their impact will be on the lifespan of the anti-aging face cream.  Basically, parabens will ensure that the product does not expire. This is why natural products tend to have expiry dates that will hit sooner.

Silicones and Alcohols

The job of these will be very much the same. Silicones and alcohols will ensure that you are able to spread the anti-aging face cream over your face a little bit easier. The alcohols which tend to be used in anti-aging face creams will likely be made from palm oil or coconut oil. It is unlikely it will be ethanol. If it is, then give that face cream a wide berth!


This is an antioxidant. This means that it helps to protect the skin by getting rid of those annoying free radicals. Basically, resveratrol will help to protect the skin against sun damage. It will also speed up the rate of production of collagen. This will ensure that your skin appears nice and youthful.

Grape Seed

Another antioxidant here. This means, once again, the job of the antioxidant is to protect your skin from free radical damage. Grape seed has an additional ‘bonus’ on top of this too. It is also known for its ability to combat wrinkles. In fact, many people claim that grape seed is one of the best ways in which you can fight wrinkles.


These are sourced from turmeric (yes, the spice). Curcuminoids are known for their ability to combat inflammation. You may think that you really do not need this in an anti-aging cream, but you do. In fact, it is important. When your skin is exposed to sunlight, it produces melanin. You do not want too much of this produced as your skin becomes darker and damaged. Curcuminoids help with this. In addition to this, they help to deal with chronic inflammation which can make the skin look far, far older than it actually is!


Many people compare ceramides to a glue. This is because it is, essentially, that. Ceramides are what holds your skin cells together. As you get older, your body starts to produce fewer and fewer ceramides which can make you look rather abysmal. This often happens if you are using the wrong skin care products, live in a hot environment, or live in a very dry environment. Basically, by putting ceramides on your skin, you will be replenishing the body’s supply. This should, hopefully, help your skin look a bit more youthful!

Remember; always read the ingredients on the skin care cream packaging to know what you are putting on yourself! 



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