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What To Know About The World Of Cosplay

Costume play, or cosplay for short, is just a fancy term for ‘fancy dress’ (sort-of, we know that there are many cosplayers out there who would be insulted by that term). When you cosplay, you tend to be dressing up as some of your favorite characters from fiction. If you head to a convention or somewhere similar, it is likely that you will see plenty of cosplayers. Here, we want to take a look at what you need to do to take part in some cosplay.

Researching your costume

Before you do anything, you will need to research the costume that you are planning to wear. The best way in which you can do this is head online. No matter what character you are dressing up as, we are positive that there are thousands upon thousands of images that you can sink your teeth into.

We recommend that you look for not only images of the character, but photographs of people who have attempted cosplay of that character in the past. By looking at these photographs, you should be able to get a feel for how you will need to tackle making your own costume.

Skills that you need

This is going to be dependent on how much effort you want to put into designing your costume. For some characters, you could easily buy outfits online which look similar. You will need to do nothing to alter them. However, some characters are a bit more complicated.

At the very minimum, we suggest that you know how to carry out a bit of stitching. In fact, even if you buy a readymade costume online, it is still worth knowing how to carry out a bit of stitching because you may need to adjust the costume.

If you are making the costume from scratch, then design skills are going to go along way. Many people who get involved in some ‘serious cosplay’ will work as teams. This should give you a decent spread of skills you can utilize to build your costume.

Skills you need on top of this will be dependent on the costume you are looking to design. We have seen some costumes which make use of electronics, for instance.

Where to buy materials

This is all going to be dependent on the costume that you are making. We suggest that you find a decent store which offers a plethora of different fabrics and stitching equipment. This should provide you with most of what you need.

Some people may also look to charity stores and vintage clothing stores to find some clothing that they can cut up. However, for us, this is very much going to be a last resort. In most cases, it is going to be easier to make your costume ‘fresh’. You will have far more leeway over the final design.

Finally, remember, cosplay is all about creativity so be sure to let your imaginations run wild, and in the end just have fun!



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