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How Drawing Tablets Can Soar Your Career!

Digital tablets are immensely useful tools for the aspiring artist. Here are a few of the reasons as to why.

What is a drawing tablet?

A drawing tablet has several different names. Some may refer to it as a graphics tablet. Others may call it a digitizer. Others just a pen tablet. It is all the same, so don’t worry about the name that the manufacturer uses.

A drawing tablet will be hooked directly up to your computer. You have a small stylus included with the drawing tablet. When you use the stylus on the tablet, anything that you draw (or any motion, since they can act like a mouse in many cases) will appear on the screen.

It is natural

If you are an artist, then we are positive that you have tried drawing on a computer before. However, we are also positive that you have discovered that drawing on a computer with a mouse is not that intuitive. Some people can manage it, don’t get us wrong. However, most people who draw using a mouse are unable to use it properly. You need a completely different skillset i.e. you need to move your hand in a completely different way. It takes a lot of getting used to.

Drawing with a drawing tablet is still going to take a small amount of getting used to. This is because you will be drawing onto a plastic surface as opposed to onto paper. However, the movements are going to be completely natural. You will be holding that stylus in the same way that you would hold a pen. Once you get used to drawing on the plastic surface, everything will be much the same as drawing on actual paper.

Great way to digitize your art

Many artists use a drawing tablet as they want some way in which they can digitize their artwork. Sure, you could always draw onto some paper and scan it into the computer, but it will never look quite right. When you use a drawing tablet, your image will be digital instantly. The best part is that you can continue to make edits to it. You do not have this luxury when you are drawing on digital paper. Sure, you can use an eraser in some cases, but unless you are using a top-quality eraser, a mark will be left which can really detract from the quality of the art you have produced.

You can do things on computers you can’t do on paper

Want to make it as a professional graphic designer? Most people are not going to accept logos and the like drawn on paper. They need the logo done digitally. The same goes for web design, banner adverts etc. If you can learn how to use a graphics tablet properly, and we are positive that you can, then you will be able to tap into this industry and make a decent living in the process!



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