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The World's Largest R2D2 Figure Is Coming Soon!

So most of us have probably dreamt of being a real life Jedi Knight, and that dream has come a bit closer to reality! Ok well no not really. You're not going to be able to use the force BUT you can have the same sidekick as a force user! This R2D2 stands three and a half feet tall and is a life size replica of the Original R2D2.

Now here is the part that is going to make this piece one that all collectors of rare Star Wars memorabilia are going to want; a vintage Mint Condition Kenner R2D2 was taken out of package and scanned to make this! You heard that right! Now while it breaks our heart that a Mint On Card R2D2 was taken out of package, we have to say that it was for a good cause. Here is a blurb from the actual product listing: "..features a vac-metal silver chrome dome and articulated head and legs. Plus, his head actually clicks when you turn it… just like your childhood figure!"

Now don't expect the high tech R2D2 you would expect to get in 2017, this is not that. This is an homage to the original Kenner action figure from a toy line that really started something amazing. Also everything on this figure is correct to the vintage figure, it is literally a blown up version!

Star Wars #1 at www.departmentexpress.com

Now here is the part the most are not going to want to hear, this comes in at a whopping Suggested Retail Price of...get ready for it...$3,899 US! As we said this is going to be one for the serious collectors, and that should be known from the company making it: Gentle Giant. Gentle Giant is known for their high quality replica action figure and statues and are definitely the right company to be handling this endeavour. The reason we are writing this article is more of a log in history, so in 10 years we can look back on this and say "Remember when that was ONLY $3,899?" As most rare Star Wars memorabilia this will sure to be a lasting piece in the eyes of collectors.

Well that is all for I have for you now, see you next time Toy fans!


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